Copy Command to Editor

Have you ever struggled with a command which does not work out of the box and after some tries you copied it to an editor to work on it or use it as a base for a shell script. There is a easy way to achieve that by using a keyboard shortcut. Just keep the line in prompt you want to put to an editor and the hit + and then . You will then automatically open the editor set at $EDITOR and the prompt line will be automatically copied in there.

find . type -f name java -exec stat {} \; # now press ctrl + x + e

Replace syslog-ng with rsyslog on Debian Jessie

If you use syslog-ng on Debian Jessie with systemd for whatever reason (rsyslog is default) and want to change to rsyslog finally you might run into the problem that after installing it you don’t see any logs arriving in /var/log/syslog. Unfortanely restarting the logging system and other daemons won’t help you because the issue is that the device /dev/log where most of the daemons and software is logging to changes from a normal device to a symlink somewhere at the systemd directory.

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