Check for memory over allocation (KVM)

Virtualization brought all the benefits of over allocation (using more resources than physically available) to us. And sharing resources like CPU makes a lot of sense if you for example have a daily distributed workload like daily traffic and nightly jobs to generate reports and don’t need all resources at a time. This works great most of the time and is acceptable to slow down your system because of lack of resources sometimes but you definitely don’t want to crash you system because of lack of resources. This is why you usually don’t want over allocate memory. The following script allows you to check this for KVM hypervisor hosts.

The script is written in Python 2.x and should run as root or user who has access to libvirt Python API which is usually installed if you have a KVM hypervisor because virsh command needs it to run. Unfortunately it is not run able with Python 3.

You can pass warning and critical parameters to raise warnings in case you want to get warned earlier or really want to allow over allocation. You can specify a overhead in MiB for domains (VMs) and reserved space MiB for the operating system so that you have enough RAM left for you host to work properly. It fulfills Nagios API so that you can include it as a active monitoring check.

You can of course also just use it to get an overview of the usage of your host.

python check_kvm_memory -v

Memory OK 10241.7460938 MiB 8.06% free|10241.7460938

domain1.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain2.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain3.local: 2096.0 MiB
domain4.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain5.local: 4146.0 MiB
domain6.local: 2098.0 MiB
domain7.local: 2098.0 MiB
domain8.local: 5170.0 MiB
domain9.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain10.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain11.local: 3122.0 MiB
domain12.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain13.local: 6194.0 MiB
domain14.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain15.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain16.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain17.local: 8242.0 MiB
domain18.local: 9522.0 MiB

usable: 127107.746094 MiB
used: 116866.0 MiB
free: 10241.7460938 MiB
reserved incl.: 2048.0 MiB
overhead incl.: 50.0 MiB

Sourcecode and other checks are available at

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